Frequently Asked Questions:


 1. Why Regular Cleaning?


     People spend hundreds, sometimes thousands on their Carpets and Upholstery. To maximise the life in them it is essential they are cleaned regularly. Soil and grit accumulation are major causes of wear and tear, which reduces Carpet and Fabric life. Your Carpet acts as a filter. The fibres 'grab' dust, soil and other contaminents and hold them. When the filter (carpet) is full and you walk on it, contaminents, bacteria and potentially harmful mites are released into the air. Dirt is also very abrasive like sandpaper; everytime you walk on the dirt you will be cutting the fibres reducing the life of the carpet.



 2. How We Clean?


     We use the most powerful machines on the market today, which makes light work of domestic and commercial carpet cleaning. We also use up to date innovative spot and stain treatment, following correct health and safety proceedures in accordance with the PAS 86:2008 code of practice. We will provide a pre inspection report which will determine the best ways to clean your Carpets and Fabrics. Many factors can determie how we clean. These include the type of fibre, its construction, age, condition, location, degree of soiling and when the cleaning can be carried out. The most common cleaning method is hot water extraction or 'steam cleaning.' However we will discuss the most suitable cleaning methods with you before any work is undertaken.


 3. Where We Clean?


     We are based in Farnham, Surrey but we cover the South of England.


 4. Do We Need To Move The Furniture?


     We are happy to move all furniture on request. After the clean, we can replace your furniture where we found it on furniture protectors until the Carpet is dry. This will prevent furniture wood transfers onto the freshly cleaned Carpet


 5. How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?


    Most Manufacturers recommend that carpets are cleaned every 6-12 months. However, this varies depending on how people come into contact with the carpet and the frequency, pets and whether the carpet has been protected. Also if the carpets are visibly soiled within this time, you may wish to consider having a more frequent clean.


 6. How much do you Charge?


     Pricing varies depending on location, stain treatment and required equipment needed for the job.  An accurate quote can be given after our pre-inspection. Smaller jobs can be quoted over the phone. Our minimum charge is just £45. 


 7. Will Carpets re-soil after cleaning?


     The chemicals and detergents we use are manufactured to the highest standards and are used in such a way that doesn't promote rapid re-soiling. Many companies use cheaper detergents that will not get all the soil out and as the carpet dries re soiling or 'wicking' is likely to occur. 


 8. Will children and pets be affected by cleaning?


     Health and saftey is of paramount importance to us.  All of  the chemicals and detergents we use have been tried and tested for safety and effect. It is highly recommended that children and pets stay off of the carpets and flooring while they are drying. This will prevent re-soiling and also slips and falls.


 9. How long until we can walk onto the Carpet & put furniture back?


     Drying times depend on weather conditions, how much water was used, how soiled the carpet was. Generally drying times will be between 4-8 hours. The time can be accelerated by using specialist techniques at an extra charge. Any furniture put back on drying carpets will have furniture protectors under them which can be removed once the carpets have dried.


 10. Will all the stains come out? 


    We are trained to the highest standards and in our experience most stains come out, however depending on the stubborn nature of the stain and how long it has been there, there is not aways a guarantee. Unfortunately some stains permanantely damage the fibres.  All stains will be noted in the pre inspection and realistic targets will be discussed with you before any cleaning commences.


 11. Will cleaning affect the protector on the Carpet?


      Protector will wear off on any carpet that is in constant use. Walking, general use, vacuuming and cleaning play a part in this. Carpet protector shields the fibres from spills and general wear and tear. It should be re-applied on a regular basis to ensure continued protection.






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